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Cake decoration is not a rocket science. You not need to be an artist to learn cake decoration. We make it here in simple & easy but in professional way. The class would be hands on class, Partic... [Read more]

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course cooking indian

Basic cooking/ beginner course Starters Main course mughlai Salads My Cafe Chinese Breakfast Snacks Tandoor Se Ice Creams Chocolate Making Mocktails Desserts Indian Dessert Eggfre... [Read more]

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Hong Kong


Morning hands on Chinese Cooking Class with wet market tour. Class starts at 9:30am till 1:30pm, every Friday. Menu: 1. Singaporean stir fry rice noodle with bbq pork, shrimp, egg and assorted vege... [Read more]

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Hong Kong

tour Afternoon

Afternoon hands on Dim Sum cooking class with wet market tour. Class starts at 2pm till 6pm, every Friday. Menu: 1. Shui Jiao / Boiled pork and vegetable dumpling in homemade flour wrappers with Sz... [Read more]

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Nasi goreng is the traditional balinese dish...... [Read more]

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vegetarisch Kochsalon

Es ist lecker. Es schmeckt. Es ist sinnlich, raffiniert und hat nichts mehr mit Verzicht zu tun: Vegetarisch kochen macht Spaß – beim Schnibbeln, Köcheln, Essen und Trinken mit anderen. ... [Read more]

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Indian Authentic

Learn to cook your favourite Indian dishes using all natural ingredients and fresh spices. Throw away all your generic curry powders and pastes! At 'Curries for the Soul', we teach you how to make you... [Read more]

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How to make chocolates If you are passionate about baking and chocolate making, this is for you! Join the class and learn how to make assorted chocolate under a professional mentor. This class in... [Read more]

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Classes in

Cooking Masala is a unique concept of learning Indian cuisine in Indian way. We just don't teach to cook Indian food we also involve you in Indian culture. In our classes we teach basic Indian food i... [Read more]

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Menu n.4

Crostini from Tuscany (Different kind of bruschetta with meat,tomatoesor vegies) Pasta con le sarde from Sicily (The most famous pasta with fish sauces) Abbacchio from Rome (baby lamb) Cannoli fro... [Read more]

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Tagliatelle from Bologna (with ragu sauce) Vegie lasagna from Liguria( with pesto basil sauce,green beans and besciamelle) Orecchiette from Puglia(small pasta with Broccoli sauce) Tiramisu All t... [Read more]

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menu n.2

Fish lasagna Agnolotti from Turin (pasta filled with ricotta and spinaches) Gnocchi alla romana (roman style gnocchi with parmisan and semolina flour ) Sorbetto from Sicily (frozen lemon dess... [Read more]

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Tortellini from Bologna (pasta filled with ham and meat) panzerotti from Bari (deep fried pocket of dough with mozzarella and ham) eggplant filled with meat from Naples panna cotta cook... [Read more]

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Sorrento'gnocchi (potato dumplings with mozzarella and tomato sauce) Cod fish Veneto style with polenta (fish cooked with milk and onion combined with corn flour puree) Grilled radicchio from ... [Read more]

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Gnocco fritto with Parma ham (pizza dough fried in lard) Tortelli from Modena (pasta filled with pumpkin ) Caponata from Sicily (eggplant and sweet pepper) Profiterols... [Read more]

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ho chi minh city


- Market visit with Chef: You can see the live activities of the traditional market in Vietnam (Ben Thanh Market in HCM city), You will also learn how to recognize the numerous herbs and the differen... [Read more]

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ho chi minh city

on to an

Take a ride on our boat* and join us for a half day cooking class in a beautiful garden villa setting; Enjoy the outdoors experience, the view of the Saigon River, the breeze and clean air , whilst ... [Read more]

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Professional Chefs

You are already experienced cook and want to be guided step by step by our Chefs through the intricacies of preparing Vietnamese meals with 1- on - 1 private course. With this in-depth course you wil... [Read more]

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Our Exclusive Premium cooking class is tailored for those who love to be pampered wherever they go- Your day with us will start at your hotel door, greeted by our English speaking tour hostess wearin... [Read more]

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 cooking class

In order to give to our tourists more choices,we have come out with a new product, the "DISCOVERY" cooking class This Hands-on cooking class is tailored to give tourists a short but insightful init... [Read more]

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Join us for a full day to see Saigon off the beaten path on the back of a vintage Vespa, a culinary experience cooking Vietnamese food and a luxury boat ride to the Cu Chi Tunnel tour. 7:30- 9:30 :... [Read more]

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3 hours hands-on cooking class to learn how to make: - Christmas Bread - Gingerbread cookies... [Read more]

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Pumpkin Italian

Handmade pasta with a sweet filling of pumpkin pure' and cheese. 2 hours, hands-on cooking class to learn one of the most traditional Italian dishes. - handmade pasta dough - filling - shaping and... [Read more]

Book online: Italian Pumpkin Ravioli (From 26.00 €)

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