Are You a Chef? Give Classes!

How it works?

Main features...

  • Worldwide Audience
    We take care of the reservations, and We pay you!
  • No Surprises
    No bad surprise on the D-day: Define your NO-SHOW policy.
  • Get Paid
    Accept all forms of payment instantly!
  • Easy to Setup
    Post your meals online with a TON of pictures. Get reviews without requesting them.
  • Easy to Manage
    Manage all your reservations with a single and evoluated system.
  • Get Social with us
    The more worldwide the website is, the more Facebook and Twitter fans you make!


  • Promote Away
    Plug your blog feeds and get a better promotion.
  • Integrates with Your Calendar
    Plug your calendar of reservations to your regular Google Calendar.

In addition to that, we are constantly performing Free, Intense and Regular advertisements on social networking websites (via facebook, twitter), google, and many forums specialised in food, gastronomy and travelling, simply because we like talking about food!