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With Noopur

Learn authentic Indian cooking at the heart of Paris city in a beautiful Parisian appartment. Food cooked with locally available ingredients in Paris, tips on how to make food healthier while retaining the original authentic taste. You learn a full course meal including 'naan' (Indian bread). Courses are held in a group of four only.

With Foolproof School - Inratable Paris

Passionate about food, I am giving free tutorial on my youtube channel, and in complement for those who wish to assist at a live demo, I do some cooking classes, in a beautiful and stylish apartment in the heart of the Marais, Paris.

Macaroon class

With Emperor Norton

"Emperor of the United States. Protector of Mexico. Ambassador to Paris..."

Emperor Norton are a pair of San Franciscans who specialize in California cuisine, from street food to modernist and everything in between, with influences ranging from Mexican to Japanese to Hawaiian to plain old American. (Whatever that is.)

Whether hosting supper clubs for an intimate group or serving hundreds at a party, Emperor Norton's goal is always to make the best in cuisine of all levels available to everyone.

With L'Atelier De Bernard

Cooking class in Paris. Three hours of cooking tips with Bernard.
Macaroons, tartlets, various french pastries, dim sum, chinese and thai cooking, wok and many others recipes from around the world... Courses available in french, english and portuguese...

L'atelier Bernard de

With Abir

no i was interestsd in joining a cooking class i am a student whilevi am in paris.

With Marion

Come have fun around a cooking session in Paris !
I will be happy to host the class at my parisian apartment and teach you the tips about impressive and healthy french cuisine…

! Cooking with

With Ooh La La Food - The Fun Cooking Class

ooh La La Food - What no Restaurant can offer.

The Fun The Fun The Class

With The Gentle Gourmet

The Gentle Gourmet is the place in Paris for a contemporary organic,seasonal and plant-based cuisine. We offer cooking classes, dining experiences, tours and accomodation for progressive food lovers from around the world.

With L'Ecole Des Gourmets

Proposés en fonction des saisons et des demandes, les cours abordent tous les aspects des arts culinaires:

menus du monde, gastronomie française, cuisine bio, sushi, menu du marché, pâtisserie…

Pendant 2 heures partez à la découverte de recettes originales et savoureuses. Découvrez le plaisir de cuisiner en groupe.
Puis prenez les temps de savourer les plats que vous venez concocter.

Proposed depending on the season and demand, the courses address all aspects of culinary arts: menus in the world, French cuisine, organic cuisine, sushi, market menu, pastry ... For two hours discover delicious and original recipes. Discover the pleasure of cooking as a group. Then take the time to enjoy the dishes you just put together.

de Cours pâtisserie Cours Cours

With Parisian Cooking Studio

Learn how to cook traditional and fusion french specialities with a local parisian.
The parisian cooking studio can also organise wine and chesse dinner or thai, italian or spanish cooking classes

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With On Rue Tatin

If you've ever dreamed about traveling to France to explore French gastronomy while learning how to turn top-quality and fresh ingredients into savory delights, On Rue Tatin will make that dream come true.

On Rue Tatin cooking classes take place in Susan Herrmann Loomis' home, a lovingly-restored convent in the center of Louviers, France, in the region of Normandy. On Rue Tatin is across the street from the Gothic Church of Notre-Dame de Louviers, an awe inspiring structure that provides ambience for the cooking classes. Students will draw inspiration from the vibrantly fresh products procured at the weekly market and will return to the state-of-the art kitchen to prepare meals that will be savored in the 12th century dining room or in the flower-filled front courtyard.

On Rue Tatin has recently expanded and we now offer classes in Paris, on rue Jacob, in the heart of the Saint-Germain-Des-Prés district.
We cook, we learn, we laugh, we dine, all in calm and comfortable privacy. And when we take a break from cooking, it is to get into the soul of the city and its gastronomy.

Paris On Rue Tatin


With Enrica Rocca Cooking School

Enrica Rocca runs a cookery school with a difference.

“Born in Venice, Enrica is an Italian cook of note and a flamboyant and passionate chef and restaurateur.

She has Italian cooking in her blood and a contagious zest for life and food…”

David Baker
Financial Times

market all-day Borough class cooking all-day

With Yuki's Kitchen

Yuki is a Japanese chef and cookery writer. She is also teaches Japanese home cooking based in London. www.yukiskitchen.com
Her dishes are made using fresh, seasonal, local ingredients and find their origin in traditional Japanese methods. She will provide authentic Japanese dishes for this special summer menu.

Yuki teaches Japanese Cooking Lessons & Cookery Classes for the complete beginner or the seasoned chef looking to expand their skills.

020 8816 7499

Fish Vegetarian

With Italian Cooking Classes By Chef Paolo Pala

Paolo Pala has over 30 years experience cooking delicious traditional italian food. He has owned and worked in restaurants all over the world from Italy to UK to Malaysia. Paolo has recently returned to the UK where he plans on opening a new restaurant


With Mrs Balbir's Indian Cooking School

Vinder attributes her tough past to making her the grounded individual she is today and believes that her new age lifestyle of being a vegetarian, doing yoga and meditating is a strong fuel behind her continuous creative streak. “The new recipes and dishes keep coming to me!” she claims. The Mrs. Balbir’s brand definitely has a unique and impressive resume.

They now own three outlets around Bangkok city. The primary restaurant in Sukhumvit 11, the food court outlet in Robinson Sukhumvit 19 and the newest addition, a fusion corner in Central World serving traditional Punjabi cuisine with an Italian and Thai twist. Vinder has been a consultant to Thai International Airlines on their in-flight meals and has taught a variety of celebrity chefs including the personal cook of Sting. They also have a cooking school in Sukhumvit 11 that teaches about tantalizing cuisines from all corners of the globe – Moroccan, Brazilian, Thai, Malaysian and Indian. Vinder has visited 5 star hotels around the world as guest Indian chef and even gone down the TV personality route – she was a successful television hostess and had her own cooking show called Bangkok Spice with Mrs. Balbir for 16 years on Channel 21. For the future, Mrs. Balbir’s plans to come out with a recipe book which will be a little piece of the sensory heaven, everyone can take home.

Indian Cooking class

Chicken Tamarind & Samosas, & Tamarind Samosas,

With Baipai

The School House is located away from the crowded streets, in Bangkok residential area. A charming two storey house with wooden décor and locally styled furnishings in tranquil surroundings, cozy and relaxing atmosphere with the local life goes by outside.

The Workshop is an opened-air Thai stylish home-like kitchen, clean and professional set up to ensure your cooking comfort. The workshop occupies at the bottom floor of the house. Each student will have his/her own cooking station, specifically equipped and designed to enhance your cooking experience.
What also make Baipai Thai Cooking School distinguished from the others is that we provide transportation to hotels and other tourist residence in centre Bangkok area at no extra charge to the fee. You will also experience the hospitality which has been part of our many years history.

Enjoying cooking is all about confidence, being relaxed and understanding your ingredients. You’ll experiment with new flavors and combine the freshest ingredients with techniques, to build your knowledge of Thai cuisine. Our courses are conducted with a professional yet relaxed atmosphere – the ideal way to combine a holiday with enhancing your culinary expertise. An opportunity to really dive into the joy of cooking and try your hands at becoming Thai cooks.

C1 C1


With Palate Sensations Pte Ltd

We are an inspiring cooking school that provides unique classes, delivered by our Italian Executive Chef Charlotte D'Isidora.

Our school offers a uniques venue for hosted parties, corporate bonding events and even hen parties.

With Tastessentials/ Chef Martin

Best of east and west, herbs and spices.. classic and new world cooking styles. Best of ingredients from both sides of the world.

Learn, Cook and Eat.

With Cookery Magic

An authentic culinary
experience in a Singapore Home

Now you can learn the secrets to great Asian cooking in a warm and relaxing home setting.
Learn to cook with a difference with the cook who is different! Join Ruqxana to rekindle your passion for good food and culinary enjoyment! Classes are suitable even for those who have no experience in cooking, so just come with an eager spirit.

Hong Kong

With Martha Sherpa's Cooking Classes In Hong Kong

Martha Sherpa's Cooking Classes in Hong Kong offers full day, half day and evening hands on Chinese Cookery, Chinese BBQ, Chinese Vegetarian, Dim Sum and Thai cookery classes in English everyday. All our cooking classes are conducted by professional Chinese cookery instructor. Advance reservation by email is necessary. We offer cooking classes everyday, please visit our English website for our various type of cooking classes schedule, price and menu description.

with Afternoon market wet Market Dim

With Eat My Words

Eat My Words offers French and English language classes through cooking for children aged 3 to 11 years old. Our staff consists of highly qualified teachers, chefs and nutritional experts and are focused on giving children the opportunity to develop a life-long love for speaking foreign languages and the culinary arts. We provide the kitchen, the tools, the food, the recipes and the instructors. All your child has to do is turn up ready to learn, have fun, and as a bonus, they get to take home the dish they prepare each week.

to way Cook language! way to

With Susana

Learn how to make yummy Chinese dishes that you can remember without looking at long recipes.....email me if you are interested

Check out my website


With Kampungku Malaysian Cooking Class

I run my Malaysian cooking class with a few tablespoons of smiles and laughter, a pinch of history and culture lessons and a whole lot of fresh, authentic & delicious Malaysian flavors that will excite your taste buds! I'm Zie, and I'm your Malaysian chef in Hong Kong :)


With Coriander Connections

Coriander Connections provides something different and not readily available in Hong Kong, whether you want to learn or be entertained at home. With fresh, home ground spices, herbs and curry pastes, Coriander Connections' intimate home catering, personalised cookery classes and demonstrations and tutorials will introduce you to authentic and fabulous dishes from Asia. A collection of the area's most marvellous recipes have been put together for you to learn from, enjoy and entertain with. From India and Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kashmir to Burma and Thailand, Coriander Connections will both entertain you and develop your repertoire.

Classics Confidence

With Ccti

Being one of the three Capital Millennium Projects of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute boasts an extensive array of world class facilities in Chinese Cuisine training. Having a reputation for high standards in training programs for expert chefs, the Institute now extends its expertise into the teaching of culinary enthusiasts, tourists, families and kids.

 Kitchen Fun  繽紛入廚樂

New York City

With The Brooklyn Kitchen

The Brooklyn Kitchen is a cooking school geared towards home cooks of all levels of experience. We have classes every night of the week on subjects ranging from Home brewing to knife skills, canning, pickling and more!

With Chef Catman

-->Private Cooking Lessons (In Home: New York / New Jersey)

-->Children's Cooking Lessons (New York Only)

-->Chef Demo's (New York/ New Jersey)

With Romeo's Catering Ny

The Classically trained private/ Personal chefs of Romeo's Catering NY offer: Adult Cooking Lessons

Basic and Advanced Cooking Classes For Individuals or Group

Basic cooking classes include learning knife skills, kitchen safety, introductory recipes that are simple, healthful and delicious. Advanced cooking classes include learning a particular cuisine or cooking skill. All requests are considered.

For each private cooking lesson, you receive a customized cooking lesson plan that includes the collection of recipes you will learn. All Cooking Classes are hands-on in your own kitchen with your own equipment.

Plan on spending about 2 hours per cooking lesson depending upon what kind of food is being prepared. Private Cooking Classes allow you to reserve a time that suits your schedule without the hassle of traveling to a cooking school. Personalized attention guarantees you will learn new cooking skills and get all your cooking questions answered. Cooking Classes are scheduled at a mutually agreeable time.

Why Learn to Cook at Home?

you use your own equipment and tools
complete hands-on training
more one-on-one time with the chef
relaxed but concentrated learning
customized menus based on your food tastes or diet restrictions
cooking lesson can be scheduled based upon your availability
no noisy, store environment
no distractions from other cooking school students
you share your culinary creations with friends and family after your lesson!
And, best of all, you save money preparing restaurant favorites at home.

Call today to set up a consultation with one of Romeo's Catering New York chefs:
(347) ROMEO-51

Makes a great gift.


With Diane Seed

Learn about Italian life, past and present, as you enjoy incredible, fresh flavours. You don't have to be a passionate cook to enjoy this experience.
The classes are small so that they can be relaxed and informal. People can Learn about Italian life, past and present, as you enjoy incredible, fresh flavours. You don't have to be a passionate cook to enjoy this experience.
The classes are small so that they can be relaxed and informal. People can have 'hands on' if they want, or they can sit and watch if they prefer. Most people usually do a mixture of both. There is time for questions and discussion during class, and the dishes prepared come from many Italian regions, not just Rome, using the fresh produce in season. A balance is kept between food for dinner parties, and interesting quick dishes to prepare for more informal meals. It is authentic Italian food, based on good ingredients, not fussy, designer food.

It is possible to do a 2 or 3 day class or, if you have very limited free time, a 1 day class can sometimes be arranged.

Market tours and eating !
have 'hands on' if they want, or they can sit and watch if they prefer. Most people usually do a mixture of both. There is time for questions and discussion during class, and the dishes prepared come from many Italian regions, not just Rome, using the fresh produce in season. A balance is kept between food for dinner parties, and interesting quick dishes to prepare for more informal meals. It is authentic Italian food, based on good ingredients, not fussy, designer food.

With Diane Seed's Roman Kitchen

You can choose to do 1 to 5 days

Cooking School In Rome
Learn about Italian life, past and present, as you enjoy incredible, fresh flavours. You don't have to be a passionate cook to enjoy this experience.
The classes are small so that they can be relaxed and informal. People can have 'hands on' if they want, or they can choose to do from 1 to days. There is time for questions and discussion during class, and the dishes prepared come from many Italian regions, not just Rome, using the fresh produce in season. A balance is kept between food for dinner parties, and interesting quick dishes to prepare for more informal meals. It is authentic Italian food, based on good ingredients, not fussy, designer food.

With Pepe Verde

The Gourmet Academy, Pepe Verde, is a centre of wine and food consultancy, placed near the Pantheon, in a beautiful XVII century building. Since 22 years it's the most important and known place of the Capital where it's possible to learn cooking in a simple and professional way. During the clases it is learnt how to recognize the best products, how to treat them and exalt them with the best cooking techniques. All bringing together theorical notions and the practical making of the proposed dishes. It is acquired naturally self-assurance and confidence in the kitchen. Classes are held exclusively by pastry chefs and chefs of national and international fame, always focused on retriving receips from the popular tradition to rehash them in a more modern way.


With Cook&Taste

Join Cook&Taste’s unique cooking classes in Barcelona and discover the secrets of our traditional cuisine. You will learn how to cook the authentic typical dishes of Spain (paella, gazpacho, tapas,…)
You can start with a walking tour around the famous Boqueria market, getting plenty of tips on picking local, seasonal products, continue with the cooking experience and finish the adventure enjoying the menu prepared in a friendly and casual atmosphere.
The cooking school is located on the street Paradís, in the heart of the historical city, and offers cooking classes for individuals and groups, and team-building for companies.
Bring back home the taste of Spain! You can’t miss this opportunity!

Half-day class Half-day cooking class cooking class

With Coquus

Coquus es cocinero en latin.
Cocinar puede ser una forma de communicacion.

En el resultado de una receta intervienen por igual los ingredientes y las tecnicas.
Por tambien el humor del cocinero.

El placer de preparar la comida es tan intenso como la propria degustacion: sabores, olores, texturas, colores, todo unidos en la creacion.

y canelones, salado salado Croquetas canelones, y Croquetas

With Bcnkitchen - Cooking Classes Barcelona

Learn, enjoy and taste the Spanish Cuisine in a unique setting in the emblematic and central district of el Born.

Our participative workshops will let you discover the Mediterranean cuisine, result of the influence of different cultures (Arabic, Roman, Jewish, French,...)

A professional Chef will teach you how to cook, from appetizers up to desserts, a delicious Spanish menu that mix all the fresh ingredients you can find in our markets.

You will discover the secrets of our culture through its gastronomy by preparing typical dishes as Paella, Gazpacho, Spanish omelette and Crema Catalana. You will also be able to learn how to prepare different Creative Tapas and Pintxos in a simple way so you can surprise the best Chef among your friends.

Once you have finished cooking you will enjoy the dishes you have cooked with a good glass of wine.

At the end, in addition to the recipes, you will take with you a nice photographic memory to remember your gastronomic experience in bcnKITCHEN.

With Dom´S Gastronom

Dom defines herself as Anglo-Catalan. Born in Venezuela with an English father and a Dutch mother she has lived in Barcelona for over 35 years. Married to a Catalan she has an extense knowledge of Catalan cuisine and Catalan culture.

Dom studied in Paris at the Cordon Bleu where she obtained all diplomas in Patisserie, Cuisine and the Grande diplome. After having worked in Paris for a year she then set up a catering company in Barcelona and ran that for 6 years. She then started giving cookery classes and has been doing so for the past 10 years.

She has written several cookery articles for different magazines and newspapers and was in charge of the gastronomical section of a weekly radio programme Radio Free for over a year. She is currently writing a cookery/guide book which she hopes to finish and publish shortly.

Autumn class and panellets


With Gourmet On Tour

Cooking courses. Wine tours. Culinary adventures.

Designed for people who love and appreciate fine wine and food,
Gourmet On Tour offers the ultimate in gourmet holidays.
80 cooking courses and tours are conducted by our chefs in stunning
locations across Europe, Asia, Australia and the US.
We create one-of-a-kind experiences – from private cooking classes to access
of exclusive wine cellars. Each route is carefully designed to immerse you
in the local culture and to gain a genuine feel for the region as invited
guest, not a tourist.

Perfect in Perfect 3 Perfect Shanghai in

With Soundinner

experience directly, with no scholastic background.
Focus on sensibility about food, finding basic rules, and personal different interpretations.
Cooking is like playing jazz...you never wrong!!


With Curries For The Soul

Cooking Classes in JinQiao and Frozen Indian Curries

Learn all there is to know about Indian spices and curries in my cozy kitchen in JinQiao or book a session with your friends in the luxury of your own home. Visit me online on http://kateandkimi.com/shanghai-yummy/warm-your-tummy/sy-curry-eng.html if you would like a taste of my authentic Indian curries.

Indian Authentic Indian Cooking

With Flyingchef

Flying Chef is a Shanghai-based, exceptional and innovative service where you can book an experienced Chinese chef to conduct cooking workshops in your or his private home.

Cooking Flyingchef Class Flyingchef Cooking Flyingchef