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Culinary Breakdown English 

Culinary Breakdown offers a variety of in-home cooking classes for cooks of all levels that are intended to inspire, motivate and build confidence in the kitchen. Classes are designed for small groups of friends to cook together in a social and casual setting.

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Feast: Cooking Classes For Foodies English 

i can teach, you make it, and then enjoy! groups of 4 to 8 are best. look at the links at the top right to see what your interested in; right now only offering private cooking classes, so register for a class with your friends at the registration page, we'll set something up. it's always about fun and food! can be there, here or anywhere in between.

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Terence Janericco Cooking Classes English 

We teach you to cook for your self and your family with eclectic menus specializing in foods that easily prepared and delicious. Classes are restdricted to 6 students for hands on classes. Larger groups can have a demonstration class.

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