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Boathouse English 

Thai food is popular worldwide, and for over fifteen years Boathouse has taught thousands of guests the art of preparing fine Thai cuisine. The classes are small and hands-on; Chef Rattana discusses and demonstrates authentic Thai recipes first and then students take their turn to cook and taste their creations.

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Pum Thai Cooking School - Phuket English 

Thai food, by its very nature, is fresh and quick. The cuisine at times is very complex, at times very simple; yet always it will combine a balance of flavours that excites the senses. Pum Restaurants emphasise simplicity, in fact, we have simplified simplicity. Our dishes are based on traditional Thai cuisine adapted for a modern, fast paced world; quick, simple and always delicious you can enjoy our dishes at any occasion. Well there isn’t one, other than a love for what we do and a passion for good food. Through our cooking schools we will teach you how to recreate our dishes in the comfort of your own home, we will teach you how to love your vegetables and how to massage your chicken, but most of all we will teach you how to be lazy in the kitchen.

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Pat's Home Thai Cooking School English 

As everyone knows, Thai cuisine is renowned whilst Phuket is famous in tourism industries. Why do you combine together between having a Thai cooking class whilst travelling in Phuket! Here comes “Pat‘s Home Thai Cooking School” in Phuket. Pat’s Home Thai Cooking School is worldwide well-known as the first and best home cooking school in Phuket where you can enjoy explosive flavors, mouth-watering aromas, and fresh and healthy ingredients. Patcharin Tiengthong or Pat is originally a native of Bangkok. She spent 8 years as a chef in California. She can answer all your questions and share her special tidbits for creating your best beautiful and delicious Thai cuisines. Enjoy the art of Thai cookery and savour the flavor with an experienced chef here at Pat’s Home Thai Cooking School

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