The School House is located away from the crowded streets, in Bangkok residential area. A charming two storey house with wooden décor and locally styled furnishings in tranquil surroundings, cozy and relaxing atmosphere with the local life goes by outside.

The Workshop is an opened-air Thai stylish home-like kitchen, clean and professional set up to ensure your cooking comfort. The workshop occupies at the bottom floor of the house. Each student will have his/her own cooking station, specifically equipped and designed to enhance your cooking experience.
What also make Baipai Thai Cooking School distinguished from the others is that we provide transportation to hotels and other tourist residence in centre Bangkok area at no extra charge to the fee. You will also experience the hospitality which has been part of our many years history.

Enjoying cooking is all about confidence, being relaxed and understanding your ingredients. You’ll experiment with new flavors and combine the freshest ingredients with techniques, to build your knowledge of Thai cuisine. Our courses are conducted with a professional yet relaxed atmosphere – the ideal way to combine a holiday with enhancing your culinary expertise. An opportunity to really dive into the joy of cooking and try your hands at becoming Thai cooks.

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C1 C1 green chicken, papaya Egg, & papaya Egg, & chicken,