Mine is a project born from one of my biggest passions and also from the concept of ‘less is the new more’, either in life as in the kitchen. Ingredients are fundamental in food preparation and this is why it is great to be able to recognize their unique taste when we eat them.

The purpose of my recipes is to drive you through a new adventure about food, which will make you discover the importance of simplicity without forgetting the indulgence of food as an essential pleasure of life.

Cooking tuition
As part of my service I offer cooking classes for those who want to learn more about the preparation of food, exploring traditional italian recipes, or food for people with special requirements, such as Kids, party or romantic menus.

I also offers a great opportunity to all those who don’t have time or desire to cook to get customized meals delivered right at their doors every week. As your personal chef, I take care of your grocery shopping, sit down with you, listen to your needs and create a menu plan that suits your taste, keeps you healthy and helps you to shop smart avoiding wastage and bad eating habits.

As your personal chef I offer to do your shopping, divide your meals in boxes and label them with refrigeration and heating instructions. The food is delivered on a weekly base. The food can be prepared at your home, so that you can familiarize with the cooking process and learn about food portioning and leftovers management. 

I also offers the chance to have your private chef for a private dinners or events up to 30 people.
Wine matching is available for those who are looking for a more sophisticated approach.

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