At Crimson kitchen I teach Indian cooking classes which are
hands on and easy to follow. We replicate Indian home cooked
meals which are healthy, nutritious and authentic. The classes are in small groups of 4-6, fun, interactive and social. You
leave with a greater understanding of Indian culture, spices, a
few new friends and the confidence to create a full Indian
meal. Recently there has been an increasing demand for
vegetarian and/or gluten free food and Indian cuisine adheres
easily to both.

I also offer weekly meal deliveries to professionals and busy moms. Menus are from around the world and have vegetarian
and non vegetarian options. We are also available to cater
private parties, cocktail parties and special events.

The attempt is to demystify Indian food and share a little bit of
my kitchen with you.

Teaches in English cooking classes San Francisco 

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