Why cook-o?

Until today, in order to organise your vacations, it was easy to book flight tickets and hotel rooms online all over the world but there was no such thing to book your hobbies while traveling, like cooking. How about taking cooking lessons with local chefs?

Discover cook-o and book your cooking lessons on-line, it’s easy, quick and safe.

Who's behind cook-o?

Rafi Papazian

A self-professed food lover and serial entrepreneur, Rafi Papazian started his first business in 2003, and founded 7 successful companies since. Find his Food Blog here, inratable co-founded with Malika Ben Meziane, also co-founder of Cook-o.com. Also check Rafi's youtube recipes channel

Some of my last home-made dishes are listed on food reporter

Some of my lasts websites are: Viarentals (Direct Rentals from owners, anywhere in the world)
ParisFunride (An incredible way to discover Paris!)

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Célia Tunc

Having extensively travelled throughout Europe and North America, Celia has had the chance to meet a plethora of people impassioned by food and gastronomy. Celia started her "chef experience" in Paris by first giving home-made cooking classes, improving her style with new ideas and above all, new recipes. This half french, half spanish girl now defines herself as half project manager, half cook. Cook-o is the perfect project for her to combine all these pieces in a single, amazing masterpiece.

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Malika Ben Meziane

Looking for new ingredients, new combinations and inventing recipes, Malika is definitely food-inspired. Previously a fashion designer and event set designer, Malika now expresses her creativity by designing delicious dishes and beautifully presented food. Taste is important, how it looks is important. How different it looks, is also important :)

Investigating new places, restaurants and bars for Inratable.com and co-founding cook-o is the perfect recipe to spin out her hunger for exploring a new thrilling world.

Her motto: Food can be performed unlimited! Meet her on linkedin.